Irrational fear

Did you know... it would appear that any given situation or object can turn into a fear, inherit a descriptive medical name and result in what we all know as a phobia? It's no joke. Phobias have been classed as mental illnesses, a medical diagnosis of sorts. I mean absolutely no disrespect to those who … Continue reading Irrational fear


I enjoy the odd boardgame now and then, trying to outwit and outplay, using the best strategies possible. From a very young age, we are taught that games are played to win, right? I recall my much younger days and the popular game of Monopoly. I mean it was bad. I loved the game, but … Continue reading Cheat!


The oddest thing happened last week. It was a Tuesday morning, nothing out of the ordinary. I'm into my work, like super focused and without even consciously realising, I start to eat my sliced carrots. It's all routine. Well, never before had I felt such a sharp burning pain. It felt as though something had … Continue reading Help?!