Elected to rule

The upcoming elections for South Africa 2019, are literally just around the corner. And yet many are still undecided – do we blame them? There is still so much uncertainty and fear and hopelessness around the state of our country.

For the first time ever, I decided to actually go through the entire list of registered parties, you know just for fun. All 47 of them! However, whilst going through each manifesto, a high level overview of what each party wishes to achieve, I have to admit, I started to feel rather uneasy, almost choked by a darkness that seems to be the plague of today’s world. It leaves you feeling almost entirely helpless.

I decided that if I write about all 47 parties I would probably find myself on the brink of suicide, so these are just a few parties South Africans have to decide between.

Note: I have added a few of my own opinions, be it sarcastic or not, but its important for us to know who we are voting for and why!

Let’s begin:

African National Congress (ANC). Currently led by Cyril Ramaphosa. A man worth more than R6 billion with questionable and speculative business dealings, including allegations regarding illegal coal deals with Eskom. We have load shedding. We have government officials stealing money blatantly without consequence. We have extreme poverty and exceptionally low levels of education. We have crime beyond belief. And yet all the ANC presidents could not put an end to any of this. The current economic situation has gotten exponentially worse, not better. Surely the question to ask is how, after 25 years of ANC leadership does one continue to vote them in?!

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF). Known as the sons of the soil. Ironic that they don’t want to lift a finger and actually earn pay from a hard day’s work. It’s much easier just to take from those who have actually done the work, built a home, saved for rainy days and even positively contributed to the economy. This may come as a shock to Julius Malema, but soil needs to be worked and taken care of, if it is going to produce anything viable with value to contribute to the economy. Fighting will get you nowhere (#sarcastic).

Democratic Alliance (DA). What can I say?! Maybe the DA simply means ‘Disappointment assured’. They stand for service delivery and jobs in every home, secure streets and borders, and eliminating corruption. It sounds perfect! The one concern here is what have they actually done to achieve this to date, especially the corruption elimination! Big talk, little action?

Aljama. Yes that’s right, Alijama. Sounds like we are about to have a Muslim pyjama party. This Muslim driven party insists that they can play a sincere and positive role! Is South Africa not a declared Christian country? Why should we vote in a religious cult that subtly infiltrates every country around the world? A dominance that was not asked for in this country.

Better Residents Association (BRA). Sounds a little like an association of people who think they are better than others, while they drink cocktails and earl grey tea. It gives the impression of those living in an Estate with a luxurious golf course, forever gossiping about the next door neighbour. Don’t take it personally if you do live in a nice Estate. This party however, is led by a Delta Mokoena who, just by the way, is serving a ten year prison sentence for vigilantism. Taking matters into your own hands is a serious choice, one that needs to be carefully evaluated and lawfully acted upon. Would you want a leader like this?

Compatriots of South Africa. A party supporting the expropriation of land without compensation, specifically for the Khoi, San, Griqua and Bushmen people. May I just say that if there are any men and women part of these cultures who are still alive today when their land was supposedly taken from them, then let them come forward and take it up with the men and women who actually took their land in the first place. In other words, this could never be resolved as it was in another time, under another rule, different economic situations and different regimes. People, open your eyes and try to at least understand we cannot blame those of us here today, black or white, for the sins committed by those of the past. We can however, try make a positive difference in the decisions we make today.

Forum for Service Delivery. A party that simply promises change by wanting to offer housing vouchers up to R200 000 to deserving citizens and at the same time pushing for expropriation of land, while expelling all foreign citizens from the country. Change indeed, but with what logic and economic understanding? This party outright stands for racism and willing to do everything it can despite basic human rights. It steals from one and questionably gives to another. Service delivery with a wad of stolen notes! #Did I say that out loud?!

Good. Patricia de Lille fighting corruption and stamping down racism, with a proposal that aims to empower towns and cities to build their own communities that are safe and prosperous. You go girl! Sounds promising. Sounds good. How this will be achieved I am not sure but maybe worth looking into.

Land Party. This party has been inspired by China and wishes to mimic means and ways of a totally different country, culture and economic stability by creating all equal in respect of rights and tackling the gap between the rich and poor. I’m guessing something like – take more from those that have earned and worked hard and give to those that have done nothing and could not be bothered to at least try?! A true communistic approach. Extremely doubtful of a positive outcome here.

Patriotic Alliance (PA). Interestingly enough, this party is founded by a one-time convicted bank robber who offers hope in the form of this party being a credible alternative to the DA and ANC. But how? One would ask. Credible? From bank robberies to? What’s next? Patriotism can lead to dangerous actions which often override values and moral ethics. Why? Because it is driven by greed and want for self.

Woman Forward (WF). Founded by Albert Luthuli’s grand daughter, out of the ANC. This party is all about equity and equality regarding women’s rights, especially with gender-based violence. It’s a good concept, but estrangement of men from a country that is in dire help of economic improvement is certainly not the answer. We need men and women to take a stand.

Freedom Front Plus. This party offers hope to build a better future of hard work and steering away from the ‘give me, give me, give me’ mentality. Sounds like a difficult task but I do like the sound of this. I mentioned the greed component earlier and maybe this party has seen the root cause of why our country is indeed in dire straits.

Free Democrats. All about promoting private health care and interestingly even founded by a neurologist. I am certainly not sure how a neurologist and a politician find anything in common, but yes health care is vital. Especially with the pending NHI.

African Covenant (ACO). Headed up by Convy Baloyi, this party calls for the death penalty for murder and abortions! Taking matters into their own hands, they have assured us that supernaturally this party will be in power after the elections. Arrogance is often driven by greed, but we will indeed see.

Alzanian People Organisation (AZAPO). To force change and give hope to black people. Fair enough but where is the equality and basic human rights factor? What about the white people? This party goes way back to 1978 where most the leaders were imprisoned after the numerous black consciousness movements in 1977. I was far too young to even know about this but again, here we see a party dwelling on the past, claiming rights against people who didn’t even have a hand or voice in those decisions that were made. Seriously?!

African Content Movement (ACM). Headed up by the one and only Hlaudi Motsoeneng, the former acting COO of the SABC. The same man who lied about his qualifications and got sacked. A liar on all fronts with additional accusations of racism, dishonesty, disruption and policy violations. How can the country have any confidence in this man or his party? Clearly he is a happy chappie but don’t be fooled, no contentment will ever come from having a dishonest liar in power.

African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP). Headed up by Reverend Kenneth Meshoe, the ACDP seeks to honour God while putting the people’s needs at the center of its polices. Honouring God should have God at the center not people! Their website also compares what they promote compared to other parties and yet nowhere do we read or see any of these men and women of God on their knees in prayer instead of trying to outdo the other political opponents.

So there you have it. An overview of only seventeen of the parties. It would appear our country has top quality leadership role models!

I’m not here to tell you what to do, but I do want to say that we need to ground ourselves in Godly values and morals and stick to them despite what the past dictates. We are the people of South Africa. We are the future. We must make wise choices. Just because everyone is corrupt and inherently driven by greed doesn’t mean it is right. Everyone doing wrong is wrong. This must be exposed.

I know this has been a fairly long read but I honestly recommend you listening to this Ted talk before election day:

What is it you want?

Comments are most welcome.

Whose line is it anyway?

Today I am going to keep it light hearted and share a few examples of those real-life silly things people (#we) say without thinking.

To begin, I have to start with my husband!

Unmistakably a true salesman, often I find myself listening to the most oddest of stories – you know, those ones that really make you sleep better at night! Rattling off in the car one day he was referencing something about butchers. Don’t ask me why we were talking about meat, but he got a little wound up and of course the words just rolled off his lips without a second thought:

What a bunch of chops!

Aptly put.

A few weeks later, I get home from work and he was working in our office. In general, we like to spend a few minutes catching up and hearing about each other’s day, connecting a bit, recentering ourselves. But on this day, he requested to complete an important email and it went something like this:

Sorry babe (he shouts from our office), I’m just doing a mail!

Doing a male! I had to hold my tongue.


Just a few days ago, our son jumped in the car after school on Friday. Eager to get going with the weekend and catch up on all the news, he begins to tell us about his science and technology test. He’s only 11:

Papa, we learnt about orgasms…

#oh my gosh

Okay keep it together. What he meant was that he was learning about organisms! I’m grateful the doors on the car were locked closed, otherwise we may have rolled out onto the street in hysterics.

Not so long ago, we headed out to visit some family staying on a game reserve. A real treat for us and quite honestly a breath of fresh air. Needless to say, as we drove from the district road through the electric gate and onto the reserve side of the fence I felt a sense of ease, a moment where the weight just lifted off my shoulders and without thinking said:

Whew…I can breathe again!

Well, my husband literally laughed at me. What was so different to the air on the other side of the fence?! The same air that you can see through the electric fence! Yes, maybe I’m just a little special.

So special in fact that not so long ago this statement truly and honestly came out of my mouth, quite profoudly:

We are who we are and together we become!

I will leave that one for you to ponder!

The Currency of Trust

The ring. A circle with no end. It’s eternal. It’s endless. It’s a remarkable symbol of infinite love.

Long, long ago, in ancient Rome, the groom would give his bride an iron ring to be worn (iron for me could suggest a number of things, but surely they didn’t have things like BDSM in ancient times?!). The ring was worn on the fourth left finger as they believed that the fourth finger had a vein called the vena amoris, a vein that led straight to the heart. Creating a picture symbolic of true commitment. This vena amoris is however, just a myth as it does not exist in the human anatomy.

For me though, it seems that the myth revealed that the iron ring and the vena amoris went hand-in-hand. The ring of commitment was always associated with the fourth left finger – the vena amoris. I have to wonder that maybe in today’s modern society this is why we wear rings and continue this tradition, together with the ritual or symbolic meaning, seeking something like the vena amoris picture of perfection.

What would you answer if I asked you right now: Why do you wear a wedding ring (or engagement ring)? What does it mean to you?

For me, this is what I would say:

My ring, is trust in the form of currency! The currency is the ring itself, the meaning is trust in a neverending circle of endless infinite love. I can stand firmly and reliably say I wear my ring because I have given myself completely to my husband, I am his and he is mine. And one cannot do that if there is no trust. Trust is part and parcel of love. This is what my ring speaks to everyday.

Just this past week, due to my work schedule being a little out of the norm, I forgot to put my rings on one morning. Of course, I only realised this after I had already left home, and being driven by a schedule to catch the train I didn’t really have the time to drive home again. Now, I always expect my husband to wear his ring and sometimes I get a wee bit upset when he forgets. I always give him that raised eyebrow look (filled with love of course)! The tables are now turned. I wonder what I’m in for. I called to tell him and guess what he says?

Well babe, you have a free day to smack some sexy buttocks!

Not quite the response I was expecting!

But I guess this is exactly what I am referring to. He trusted me completely even to the point of making a joke knowing full well that I would never follow through with his comment. That should be enough for any woman! And man!

The currency of trust!

Who would have thought that a ring could speak of so much worth?!

Food for thought

Did you know that the critical elements of life and nature are basically made up of three components each? For example:


  • Dry air consists of 78% Nitrogen, 28% Oxygen and 1% of other gasses (carbon dioxide, argon etc.)


  • Consists of three layers – the core, the mantle and the crust


  • A fire naturally occurs when three typical elements are combined in the right mixture – heat, fuel and an oxidizing agent (most commonly oxygen)


  • As we know it – H2O, is where two hydrogen atoms covalently bond to a single oxygen atom

And what about the following:

  • God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • Spirit, mind and body
  • Primary colours – red, yellow and blue
  • Rock, paper, scissors (just for a lighter spin on things)

So why then do we think that a marriage should be any different? A husband and wife in respect of the law, are legally joined to establish rights and obligations between them as spouses. But we tend to leave it there. Marriage isn’t about becoming legal to do as we will, simply by signing on the dotted line. It’s so much more. It’s about committment, it’s about serving, it’s about being a witness to your spouses life, in every aspect, despite the hurdles.

So then, if life and nature comprise of three critical elements, what is the third component for marriage? Some have said it’s the kids factor – the children that come along, to form a family. But the problem here, is that marriage is not just for reproduction, that’s a beautiful by-product that may or may not happen.

What are we missing? For me, I am convinced that for a marriage to be able to fulfill every possible plan and purpose, it must be complete within itself, just like the elements of nature. Husband, wife and number three – your Maker. The third element has to be something greater than ourselves. Only then can it be truly secure and fulfilled.

It doesn’t matter if you disagree. I’m simply stating something that for me is foundational. If the foundations are well laid, the building (aka your marriage) will be strong and beautiful and simply amazing.

#just some food for thought

To read or not to read

Have you ever been so excited to open up a new watch, device or piece of equipment eager to get things set-up and running, and linked to the appropriate app? You lay everything out in front of you, carefully putting the box and additional components to one side. And then open the instructions, you know, where to start.

Ok, we know that guys in general disregard anything that looks remotely like small fine print, resembling the common guide of instructions, but normally one would tend to look at them, right?!

Well, on behalf of my husband this morning, I decided to read the particular instructions. They simply indicated a five-step process.

As I read them aloud it went something like this:

  1. Download the app
  2. Push your bike with your right hand while showing off the watch on your left arm
  3. Place a small exercise ball on the side of your body and stretch across to lift it up, making sure your watch arm is the arm that stretches across your body
  4. Skip with a skipping rope
  5. Sit outside with your watch arm parallel to the ground and smile

Seriously, this is the instruction pamphlet:

I wonder!

Is this the new undercover specification manual designed for men?!

Just a rhetorical question!

Drone Attack

Have you ever done something that made you feel like an absolute chop? I have, many times and this one was particularly recent.

My husband and I, being avid drone flyers could not resist. Eager to get some sea and beach footage, we were both convinced that we knew better despite the signs (yes, no one is exempt from this!).

As always, the first step is to check the UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) app. A rather sophisticated app with predefined settings that will apply the current weather conditions of the area you intend to fly in. One of the many factors would of course be the wind and wind gust factors. Taking all measures into account, this was the result:

Not good to fly!

Convinced we have flown in stronger winds before, we set up taking care to calibrate and set the home point on the landing pad. And up we go.

Almost immediately my gut was unsettled. Not feeling entirely comfortable with my drones’ performance, I decided after a short way out to try fly back to the landing pad, which happened to be directly against the wind. The drone struggled. It made headway but very slowly. Finally, after using the sport mode, it came within reach of the landing pad. The difficulty was to now land the drone against the wind.

Maneuvering for good clearance, a gust of wind came out of nowhere and hit the drone sideways from the sea side, pushing my drone as if it was riding the crest of a wave straight towards a small wooden roof that covered a bench overlooking the sea.

#I am constantly amazed at nature’s intent!

My first reaction was to try turn the drone in the opposite direction. But that meant back into and against the gust. I think my heart stopped for a brief moment. Trying to recover, the propeller hit the roof, with force, causing the front arm to fold in. This meant trying to now recover a three propeller quadcopter, certainly not designed to fly one motor short and not an easy task to say the least. It dived towards me, gaining momentum as gravity played it’s part. It hit my hand then crossed over towards my husband (who was of course hearing my crashing drone and still trying to keep his on a safe flight path). He was indeed a blessing in disguise. If he was not standing where he was I am sure my drone would have gone for a swim.

So yes…after a few propeller slices to his arm, my drone finally came to rest upside down, on the ledge before the drop into a tidal pool.


I guess we learnt a lesson here. Indeed a chop! But maybe to be a little more careful and take heed of the signs, even if it is just wind gusts that could be a problem. All factors must be taken into account. On the other hand, we now know what kind of winds we cannot fly in. So all in all, a good learning experience and the scars to tell the tale!

#love drones… and my husband!

Tales of a Paramedic


I have said before that laughter is one of the most natural, cost effective medicines that can cure what doctors can’t, so give this one a chance.

Not so long ago, my husband started rambling in the car around what he thought paramedics said, when treating patients. Of course, being a qualified paramedic myself, I had a good giggle deep down inside because mostly what he said was true (keeping in mind we did not know each other during those years of my life). In reality, some paramedics do say things without realizing what they’ve said. I guess it is a much needed coping mechanism so to say, when dealing with those difficult scenes and patients.

It goes something like this…

Paramedic: This guys a goner.

Patient: What?

Paramedic: Oh crap? You alive!


Paramedic: Damn, you’re not looking so good!

Patient: I dont feel so good!

Heart monitor: Long beep


Paramedic: Holy comoly! That’s the longest intestine I’ve ever seen!

Friends standing around the braai: Dit is net boerewors ou vriend!


Paramedic: I’m so tired of these guys dying on me. It’s my fifth one today.

Patient: (Eyes wide open)


Paramedic: That cheese burger and chips is calling me! Does this look like your arm, it certainly has your colour?

Patient: (Passes out)


Talking about arms, one of my favourite stories has to be my brother-in-law. A devout fireman in his day. Serving his country. Wholeheartedly and full of mischief.

Paramedic: Stop that traffic! I got a man down here.

Fireman: (Grabs the decapitated arm lying a few meters from the vehicle)

Slow down please.

(Waves the arm up and down)


And one of my all time favourite stickers I wanted to design for an ambulance was a sticker that said:

One day when I grow up I want to be a hearse!

Ok that was a bit morbid! But funny nonetheless. Come on admit it, you did have a bit of a laugh?!