What a woman wants (something from the archives)

The bath is run. Bubbles gently foaming over the surface. Steam mists up the bathroom. Candles flicker and dance ever so slightly in the moist air. A glass of wine alluringly awaits. Music saturates the atmosphere. My body slips in, tingling from the heat. The buoyancy of the water supporting every exhausted muscle and bone. It’s the end of the week. Time to purposefully let go…

Such a simple act of love that speaks volumes about how much he cares for you. A woman will no doubt rave and hold in high esteem, the man that makes this all come about. Allowing you to revel in me time, all sexy, hot and wet without him. He knows you need this even if it is bordering on being a little selfish. And not to say he won’t enjoy one either. Both ways is good and recommended!

However, in the light of caution, always keep an eye on how much bubble bath a man uses otherwise you may just lose your way…


The crux is we all need that moment when we can purposefully switch off and simply be allowed to relax. Releasing tension. Reflecting on the day and week gone by. Just being true to oneself and paying attention to your own identity and body and status of your mind and soul. One doesn’t really understand the importance of these until it’s experienced and becomes a reality.

I guess I could list a list as long as my arm noting what a woman wants. There are many, many things and I would say a lot would have to have monetary value. But for me, what’s most important is simply time spent being true to herself and true to her man. And both ways round. That’s what really matters at the end of the day.

So no long story today. It really is simple. Run that bath for that someone special.

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