Beaning Down

A good year or so ago, my hubby and I converted our garage into a room that is used as an office, a music room and simply some chill space. But to make it feel like a place one could chill after a hard day’s work, is all in the decor and design. So of course we ordered a really nice looking, large bean bag, covered in this synthetic soft fur-like coat, big enough for two. It looked amazing.

When it arrived, it honestly pleased the eye. It was truly a good looking bean bag, until we sat on it. It was so hard one couldn’t even nestle in and snuggle up and comfort was no where to be found. Running and jumping didn’t make it any less softer either. Disappointed to say the least. We sent email after email asking for guidance on how one removes some of the teeny tiny balls of polystyrene that stick to everything. What a mess. What a commotion.

Eventually we managed to remove a full black bag of these teeny tiny balls and the bean bag started to take shape and give a little. Still not entirely comfortable though. It took a few months before we could actually lounge in it and fight over it. It took some bedding down so to say. Beaning down!

I guess the point of this story is that sometimes we need to allow time to soften, mould and shape us. It doesn’t happen overnight as much as most of us wish that was true. It takes hard work, getting a little dirty, covered in polystyrene balls, frustrated and pushing through until it happens, until you can sit and the bean bag wraps itself around you, holding you in the most comforting and supportive way.

Beaning down is just a way of allowing time to do what it does best – heal, restore, grow, nurture, educate. Whatever you may need, give it time.

With Pause Comes Possibility

One thought on “Beaning Down

  1. Antman

    So true.
    Its hard pause when you feel like you were born running. But that’s just it, society does not welcome pause.
    Great Blog.


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