Pinging your pain

Have you ever wondered why sometimes you feel down, momentarily depressed or just not quite with it? I am no psychologist but I heard something rather fascinating and to me, it makes sense. My hubby and I listened to our pastor’s sermon this past week, going through the book of Lamentations. He said something like this:

When pain cannot be identified, located and placed into some defined context, it will overwhelm us because there is no beginning and no end to the flurry of chaos that pursues.

I clearly remember a life-altering and paralysing moment that lasted many hours and took three years of my life, throwing me into a chasm of chaos that reigned in my mind, always extreme and always in a flurry (My Story Uncut). I now look back and realise that it was only when I acknowledged the actual incident, the time, the place and walked through the circumstances that surrounded the trauma, that I could put the picture of my pain into perspective and heal.

And it doesn’t have to be something big. I think we overlook so many of the small things simply because we think we must be strong and show no weakness, but when we can’t sleep at night or find ourselves immersed in a moment of despair or turmoil, we have already forgotten what had caused our pain that resulted in this odd physical stress and behavior. The little things eventually build on each other, one by one, until there is this huge mountain of pain with no beginning and no end. No matter how deep we search or how high we reach, pinpointing the pain becomes almost impossible because there are so many points of pain that led to this mountain in the first place.

I wonder if maybe that is why there are so many who are depressed for years on end, unable to find true peace and deep happiness? Maybe there is some merit in being able to pinpoint your pain – big or small!

#Just putting this out there

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