Dèjá Vu

Once again, I find myself drawn to deep reflection…

The entire world, exposed to the COVID pandemic, still churning in waves of recovery amidst second and third waves of mutated strains, all hoping that 2021 will bring an end to a year that was hellacious to say the least!

A new year, demanding more reflection and I find myself again looking back, looking ahead, looking around, contemplating the now, hoping and searching deep within for just a little wisdom to move forward.

Let’s be honest, 2020 proved to be a difficult year, throwing most of us unexpectedly off balance and yet, we have made it to today. We have survived, found a level of peace and our own unique forms of freedom. My hubby and I have seen and experienced first hand the miracle of the eleventh hour. We have argued, we have laughed, we have cried and found our common place to be immersed in gratefulness despite the odds. Indeed the opposite of how the world operates and perceives life.

With this in mind I have decided to share six principles that got me through 2020 and will endeavor to continue to work them out in 2021:

1. Worry is absolutely futile

It cannot prolong your life one bit. Not only does worry lead to many physical ailments, but also our bodies were not designed to carry such mental and emotional weight. Worry is a heavy, heavy, heavy load. When it’s too overwhelming, just believe that it will get easier, just be the better person because you can, just love more because that’s what everyone needs, just forgive. Maybe then we can begin to believe in the extraordinary again, simply having faith in something much greater than ourselves. Yes, I know this is easier said than done! Life is precious and we only get one life to live.

2. Silence the ignorance of foolish people by doing good

Believe it or not, when you want to make a difference, do the opposite of what the world dictates. Of course this is a constant struggle and certainly doesn’t make sense because getting revenge, or throwing the middle finger, or allowing the mouth to roll out a large number of foul words certainly makes you feel so much better, right? Maybe momentarily but not entirely true, because those of us who actually have a conscience land up beating ourselves a little later because of our reactions. It’s just not worth it. Rather respond by doing good, in the eyes of those who hate or despise you, even when not acknowledged. There is no doubt that this certainly wins the crown and brings incredible freedom. (Biblical reference: 1 Peter 11v15)

3. We are enslaved to whatever defeats us

Letting go is not easy, especially when you have worked so hard for everything you have and maybe deserve a bit of pampering or a high five. We all know when something is your own, we tend to hold it so tight because we know what happens when we loosen our grip or just lose a little focus. We sometimes get abused, walked over, stripped bare and whatever it is you own, can even get taken away by force or manipulation. Simply because someone else decides they want it for themselves. This principle is an ongoing one for me. I physically have to open my hands, picture the physical release and in my heart choose to let it go and trust that something good will come from it. That is where true freedom lies and here in this freedom there is no defeat. (Biblical reference: 1 Peter 2v19)

4. Love with action and truth

Words spoken without action means nothing and action taken without love brings nothing but destruction. Everyone does it and that’s how the world operates. Big words no action. And if there must be action then it is for selfish gain. But we are better than that and following through is important. Walk the talk in love. It speaks authenticity and again brings a beautiful freedom. (Biblical reference: 1 John 3v18)

5. Be shrewd as a serpent and innocent as a dove

A snake is known to be wise and quickly moves away from harm, and so should we. We should flee from danger, we should run as hard and as fast as we can to outrun wrong doing, peer pressure, scheming, manipulation, and intentional harm. A dove has always been a symbol of peace and gentle in it’s mannerisms, characteristics we should mimic. Wisdom and innocence go hand in hand. One without the other is futile. (Biblical reference: Matthew 10v16)

6. Wisdom is vindicated by her deeds

Just as wisdom and innocence go hand in hand, we should never think we have arrived or be so full of ourselves that we stop learning. Wisdom is only the beginning of knowledge and taking knowledge to apply in this life, is power – power to bring life or power to bring death! We must ensure it is used responsibly. Just do what is right. It may be the hard road but this again brings an unprecedented sense of freedom. (Biblical reference: Matthew 11v19b)

Freedom and peace is yours and mine. For me, I carry these principles ahead into 2021. I hope you will do the same. Instead of waiting for a sign that may never come, just believe it anyway!

Looking back

Here’s to 2019

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