Why do you care

This is one of my favourite clips from the series Friends.

The Phoebe Run

This is Phobe uninhibited; out for the fun and enjoyment of life despite what others may think of her. In the moment, with literally no cares in the world. Running for the fun of running.

Why do we care so much, about what those around us think?

On the other end of the pendulum we have The Crown. A series about the British Royal family, recently released it’s fourth season on Netflix. You have to know, I am so not a historical person but the way this series has incorporated the true story behind the Royal family, revealed in short movie clips, has had me intrigued, gripped and glued to the screen.

In this season we find out about the five cousins of the current Queen Elizabeth, discovered by Princess Margaret, who were declared dead many years ago. But in fact, were still alive and hidden away in a mental asylum because they were not normal – they displayed a genetic mental flaw that perceivably indicated a defect in the royal blood line.

What would England think?

What would the world think?

The decision made during the Queen Mother’s reign was because the Royal family could not allow the monarchy to be perceived as defective, weak and flawed; the assumed repercussions would be catastrophic. Whoever was behind the decision believed that it mattered and that the Royal family could not be displayed as such.

Why do we care so much, about what those around us think?

My hubby and I have had the privilege of being able to train together with our running, even more so since the start of the South African lock-down. We have always wanted to attempt the Phoebe run, but of course being so primitive and free is not one of our dominant genes. And then, a week or two ago, we just decided to give it a try.

I hesitantly glance behind me and then in front, just in case there is someone else hitting the road, or a car driving by. I give myself the all clear and with a quick sudden spurt of energy I break into a wild, uninhibited run; full of energy, arms and legs in all sorts of directions. And then just as quickly as I started I stop and giggle to myself, imagining what it must look like from behind or in front. Then my hubby plucks up the courage for his turn. It is truly liberating. And again I ask…

Why do we care so much, about what those around us think?

Limiting ourselves because of what others may think is absurd. Lying to protect the monarchy from certain repercussions is shocking and indeed questionable. There is simply nothing good that can come from any of this!

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