Honesty and sincerity of intention

Authenticity – the quality of genuineness, dependability, reliability, faithfulness, credibility, originality, congruency, bona fides.

Simply put, authenticity is a clear picture of our personal beliefs, values, and the things we hold most dear to our hearts, with our actions directly in alignment, a reciprocal dynamic. It’s really just about being me, real and down right vulnerably honest; not a copy or form of artificial intelligence; but the original one-of-a-kind me. Naked and raw!

I don’t know about you, but for me that is one hell of a life goal to achieve. Just to be me as I was made to be. No longer living to please others, no more searching for acknowledgement in achievements recognised by the world, no more need to prove your worth. No more covers, no more facades, no more masks. Imagine being that person!

I am sure the world would be intimidated and utterly incapable of getting along with such remarkable individuals. But the world would indeed be a much better place.

I love this quote:

“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

Let this be our challenge and simply be the best me one could ever be.

I invite you to read further:

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