A hub of activity, located in the quiet calm of the majestic Drakensburg. A sizeable group of women bustling through a scrapbooking project, desperately trying to keep up with the instructions given by the man they all call ‘Clive’. No time to waste.

Measure. Score. Cut. Chalk. Paste. Repeat.

Measure. Score. Cut. Chalk. Paste…



‘Where’s the undo?’

A voice hollers, followed by an immediate flurry of activity; hands grabbing, arms flying, bodies rushing to the rescue, all amidst sideward glances of those who actually managed to get the instruction right first time round…and finally, a sigh of relief.

Undo! A magic potion, in a clear plastic bottle. A miracle fixer for paper, glue and tape. Pretty much a fix for anything that is classed as scrapbooking. One mistake and all it takes is a few squirts from the undo bottle and the mistake is undone! It’s that simple. An amazing invention.

I’m not kidding, this stuff really works! I have my own bottle in my scrapbooking kit.

I have to wonder what our everyday life mistakes would turn out like, if we could simply grab a bottle of undo and make it right or better than the original mistake? I don’t know about you but I’m guessing for me, I may just need to budget for this expense. It wouldn’t even be a grudge purpose but a standed weekly grocery item. And lots of it!

No more ‘I’m sorry’, or ‘Forgive me’ or the embarrassment of failure. A simple squirt of undo and the moment can be relived, retried and even perfected. Imagine!

The problem though, is when one says ‘I’m sorry’, it goes hand in hand with an admission of guilt and the truth will set you free; ‘Forgive me’ goes hand in hand with humility, integrity and sincerity; failure builds an inner strength and honorable character. I have to ask why would one want to live without these moments?!

And so for me, undo will remain a part of my scrapbooking moments and none else.

4 thoughts on “Undo

  1. Mandy

    Loved reading this blog. Yip – the gold old “undo”. Hang on to your bottle. It’s very precious and use sparingly. Apparently it can’t be couriered. You can imagine the disappointment when I heard they couldn’t send me any more. Think you will have to go and fetch some for me 😂.


  2. I laughed out loud with the humor of undo and then went quiet with agreement of why we say the forgives and the sorry . Your blogs have so much depth and truth. Keep writing…you provide an insight we need in all our lives.


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