It seems while we are all so wrapped up in the moments of our lives, of living, one doesn’t truly see the impact of each and every decision, choice, word or action taken by those around us, let alone ourselves. Not until there is a purpose filled reason to reflect on the past. Allow me a moment to set a scene that is still very real and tender in my world…

Enter a bully. Court case.

A spiteful neighbor. Settlement.

An avaricious boss. Unemployment.

COVID19. World wide death.

Creation of life. Miscarriage.

Loss of time. Loss of money. Loss of stability. Loss of life. Loss!

And all this neatly packaged and wrapped with a nice bow!

I have to be totally honest here. Just from what I see and read and hear about every day, I have reached a tipping point, well past the tip of the iceberg, plummeting towards the base with unstoppable momentum. It’s critical. The alarm bells unstoppable.

Sometimes I cannot breathe. My body succumbs to the deep subconscious that is clearly at war against this thing. We have become intoxicated by toxication.

Everywhere, surrounded by words and actions full of greed and self-consumed (Crazy little thing called…), overshadowed with evil, a tangible darkness, the lingering stench of arrogance, poison at it’s best. This world is toxic. Imposing on each and every soul.

Please don’t get me wrong. We all have our own challenges and I certainly do not profess to be exempt from falling captive to this thing that makes us each like poison, only adding to the decimation that severs the cords that hold humanity together.

But I have to ask how one has any chance of being normal and free?! A Symphony of Life. All that I have and cling onto right now is something I consider to be the two greatest forces against toxication. They are not easy to apply, but I do believe it’s all we have and we should spare no effort to fight with all our might to keep them alive.

Love and mercy (showing undeserved favour). One without the other is just not enough. But these may just be our saving grace!

2 thoughts on “Toxication

  1. Antman

    Powerful and too the point aand very sad…that the world is in this state. Sometimes it drips off everything like a sublime stench.
    But it is never to late to change.
    Love, mercy and hope.


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