I read a fascinating thing a few weeks ago. Did you know that one anagram for ‘Albert Einstein’ is ‘Ten elite brains? How appropriate!

Yes, AI here is not referring to artificial intelligence but rather Anagram Inspiration.

How it works is rather simple. Take a word or a phrase and rearrange all the individual letters in any order with a goal to recreate another word or phrase. This is what is called an anagram.

Let’s take a few well known names of famous people as an example (and no, these are not from my brain cells but straight from the Oracle – The Wisdom of the Oracle):

  • Woody Allen – ‘A lewd loony
  • Fidel Castro – ‘Docile farts
  • Eric Clapton – ‘Narcoleptic
  • Hilary Clinton – ‘Only I can thrill
  • Simon Cowell – ‘Swim colonel
  • Princess Diana – ‘Ascend in Paris
  • Adolf Hitler – ‘Heil old fart
  • Marilyn Monroe – ‘Merrily moan on
  • Luciano Pavarotti – ‘Put on a ravioli act
  • Winona Ryder – ‘Windy on rear
  • William Shakespeare – ‘I’ll make a wise phrase
  • Rod Stewart – ‘Worst dater
  • Robin Williams – ‘I warm billions

Some are damn near appropriate wouldn’t you say?! The same can be executed with some quotes, for example:

  • Rome wasn’t built in a day – ‘But Italians may wonder
  • Say it with flowers – ‘We flirt so this way

This one I think is brilliant:

  • Eleven plus two – ‘Twelve plus one

It seems there are many anagrams out there in the big wide world, some can really get those dusty brain cells ticking over even if just for a few good laughs.

Give it a shot!

For more laughter and a play on words have a look at Don’t pet the sweaty stuff !

One thought on “AI

  1. Antman

    I have learnt something…interestingly clever.
    Problem is now, that I am going to roll people’s names in my head trying to find an odd anagram. Great way of remembering names when you meet new people hahaha


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