30 seconds is all it takes

Did you know there is a one stop shop for all your shopping needs, entertainment and of course charitable opportunities? All in the comfort of your own vehicle or Uber ride. Minimal T’s and C’s apply. However, certain caution should be taken as often this one stop shop may be associated with high risk adrenaline pastimes.

The number one country:

  • πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦ South Africa (it really is a popular place)

Your destination:

  • βž• An intersection (preferably a busy one)

The minimum requirements:

  • πŸš— A vehicle or Uber drive, and
  • 🚦Working traffic lights

And before you know it you will have 30 seconds of sweet and bitter exploration and experience in this one stop shop.

It begins with a team of youngsters who dance their way through a rustic routine using nothing but a plastic crate and their bodies. Sometimes really creative and dazzling. The dance routine finishes with a few seconds to spare before the robot turns green, whereby you are invited to give as much as you can in the form of money before driving off. Considered post-paid entertainment.

βœ… Entertainment done!

During this dance routine, one is welcomed by a variety of vendors vieing for your attention, right up against the window of your car or Uber drive. Their goal is to display and sell gadgets. Any gadgets. If ignored, they spend little time showing off their goods and move on to the next vehicle. But don’t be fooled – just a single shot of the eyeball thrown in the direction of the gadgets means you are interested and want to close a deal on a purchase. Trust me, if you are not interested, don’t look πŸ‘€

βœ… Shopping done!

And then the vendor is replaced by another, this one begging for your money or food, using simple hand to mouth gestures, roaming eyes glaring deep into the vehicle. It can be somewhat intimidating and sometimes it can even be heart wrenching. Here however, the option to be charitable is entirely at one’s own discretion and conviction.

βœ… Charity done!

And then somewhere in all this, while you are enjoying the entertainment and shopping, there is a high risk probability of being hijacked, caught in a cash in transit heist, or even an innocent bystander in a car crash or pile up.

⚠️ βœ… Adrenaline dose done!

I mean where on Earth could one find such a packed thrill seeking 30 seconds! I do apologize if this sounds all too crass, I am known for my sarcasm. This is however, the reality of our country.

So just a simple message this week – be safe out there, be alert and aware of your surroundings especially when in the one stop shop.

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