Secret loss…

Hoping for a heartbeat

Excited for what could be,

He held my hand tight

While we waited to see.


The moment unrolled

With a loss unseen,

Only to find a black hole

That reached deep within my soul.


There it was

As clear as day,

Dark and empty

With nothing on display.


Hidden behind a mask

What more could I do?

Choked with despair

No words could repair.


He asked all the questions

I froze in the chair,

Unable to speak

My eyes could just stare.


Wave after wave

Reality crashed over,

All while I’m thinking

How would we ever do this over?


Hours turned to days

Days turned to weeks,

A reality so real

Maybe more like surreal?


I’m sorry if it was me

And sorry if it was him,

All we can do now

Is to give you all to Him.

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