Have you ever made a life altering decision that was really hard to accept but the best decision you could make given the circumstances, only for that decision to undo itself a little while later?

Not because of a change in heart or a change in plans, but simply because life happens. I tend to dig deep before making decisions (Decidingly Decisive), like I’m sure most of us do, and once I have my heart and mind in the right place, one may have a real difficult time trying to convince me otherwise. I become intensely focused. I become the plan.

My husband keeps reminding me:

Babe, if you want to get God’s attention tell him your plans!

And that’s exactly it. We plan. We figure it out or at least like to think we have it all figured out. And then we execute with precision, with carefully thought through time frames and milestones. Only to find that nothing goes as planned. God of course, has a different plan or maybe just different timing for that plan (Where to from here).

I look back and realise that one decision I made with my hubby, took much strength and came with some deeply concealed heartache. No life altering decision is easy. But it was the best decision my hubby and I could make considering our circumstances. And yet now, that decison has been undone. Now what?

Well, we simply acknowledge that we are truly blessed and humbly accept that He knows it all and He holds everything in His hands.

I’m going to say it again:

If you want to get God’s attention, tell him your plans!

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