It’s too big

I have a friend who – due to COVID19 – has had no opportunity to get out there and meet the man of her dreams. Adhering strictly to protocol and the law, prevents her and many of us from engaging in those important social interactions, especially when one is ready to settle down. So finding a man who would make her happy and potentially, eventually get down on one knee to propose is out of the question.

We live in unprecedented times of uncertainty, not knowing when we will return to what we previously knew as normal, so let’s just say there is absolutely no judgement here. I mean a girl has got to do what a girl has got to do!

And so she decided to invest in a little something that would bring her some short moments of pleasure as and when needed. I mean, I have to give her credit for being so resourceful and creative in times like these 😉.

The little investment was delivered in a discreet parcel, directly to her door. It was exactly what had been ordered. And eventually the time came to try it out.

But wait for it…it was too big! Too big! That’s the first time ever I have heard a girl complain about it being too big! I gasped as I heard the dilemma unfold, desperately trying to hold in my giggles. She took it well!

But true to her word, she will read the product details next time before making the purchase.

Girls – be kind to yourselves! Pamper yourselves when needed and remember to always read the fine print!

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2 thoughts on “It’s too big

  1. Anonymous

    As with all things during this pandemic it seems on-line is the only way to go with most things. So, in this case, on-line dating sites are a possibility. I mean, isn’t that how you and Chris met?


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