Going the distance

I love that time of day when it’s time to blog. It’s kind of like a ritual, a breather away from the norms of life. A time to let my imagination run wild. During the hotter Summer months, I tend to bags the outside sofa so that I can catch a few rays of sunshine in comfort and enjoy the outdoors a little. But now during Winter, I literally jump into my rather large beanbag, wedging my body into a comfortably made depression, creating a perfectly warm spot in which to snuggle and allow my fingers to continue tapping away.

Cue music, and I’m all set (blogging ambience is really important to me and should not be underestimated! Well, for me anyway!)

One thing that comes to mind today is a fascinating thought my hubby instigated a few days ago. Out of the blue he said:

Did you know that I have travelled around the world six times and finally paid my car off?!

Did you know that the equatorial distance around the entire earth is 40,075 km? And on average, the driving distance per year for the middle aged folk, is in the region of about 15,000 km. One can easily do the math and deduce that for every two to three years of one’s life, the actual distance travelled in a car is around the entire earth.

Alternatively, as steps are indeed the in thing of this digital age, each kilometer on average is roughly 1,312 steps (give or take a few depending on your stride length). That’s about 52,578,400 steps to walk around the world. That’s like doing 8,015 Park Runs!

I think that’s amazing! Imagine the places one could see if that was indeed how we rolled.

But wait for it…the car is not paid off after one time around the globe, but in our case six times.

It’s sad to think that all those kilometers are mainly used for run of the mill things like going to work, shopping, banking, meetings and visiting. Those things are certainly important, but sometimes they are simply just ordinary and often executed without much thought or spontaneity, leaving no positive impact.

So what is the point? What is the price you are willing to pay for each km or each step? Maybe we should be more cognisant of our surroundings; maybe we need to be more present and alive. So let’s make it worth the purchase, make it worth the investment, make every step count!

Here is some more: Food for thought

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