A symphony of life


Can you hear it?

The mountains are the symphony of the earth.”

…the narrator proclaimed during a documentary my hubby and I watched this past week. Mountains that stem from the deep inner earth, rumbled into power. Standing in all superiority, luring the curious and adventurous soul.

You have to know, I am a mountain gal! I would give anything to be in the mountains, to revel in the deep silence, to marvel at such magnificent beauty and power, to listen to her symphony intently as I orchestrate my own insignificant existence compared to her towering command of respect.

And yet here we are still in lock down, confined to our homes, barely able to recognise our loved ones without their masks. And I find myself longing for touch, for laughter, for conversations that are deeply open and life giving and not hidden behind a mask. To see the emotion, the joy, the pain and the laugh lines stretching across the faces of those I love and cherish. Indeed, a melody in it’s own right, rumbling up from deep within my soul and that too over time, becomes a symphony in my heart.

That day however, seems so far off now.

But what I do know is that symphonies are created over time and eventually become a masterpiece to behold. And with that in mind it may be that now is the time, more than ever to invest, sow and immerse ourselves into those relationships that bring a melody to our hearts. Somehow and in some way…

It may even mean to purge out those toxic ones that suffocate our souls, or to simply prune the ones that need new growth.

I watched my hubby this past week as he sorted through piles and piles and piles of books. Books he has treasured close to his heart for many years, books speaking to his heritage, defining a part of him he thought would never be something he had to confront and potentially let go of. With tear filled eyes he had to make a decision on every single book – hang onto it or give it away. Purge or prune.

And it is here that I ask – what melody are you playing? What symphony is being composed? Or is it that the world is playing a seductive, enticing, rhythmic tune so loud and so distracting that it lures you into it’s grip of self?

Like that of the mountains, born from deep within, be it with your Maker, family, friends or even colleagues, those melodies over time become a complex piece of music, grappled with, changed, edited and practiced until the final note is written – producing a spectacular, heavenly sound, so sweet it grips the soul and infects you with life!

If there is one thing I could ask for, as our world faces this COVID pandemic, is for you and for me to be infected with Life!


Can you hear it?

3 thoughts on “A symphony of life

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  2. Mark Wynn

    Reality is that when we finally get back to the mountains the sound will be even more amazing Than normal! Because absences makes the heart grow fonder!!

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