Highlights of lock-down

It’s definitely time to lighten things up a little. This week I thought I would share what I’ve been up to during the country wide lock down.

But before I introduce my list, I do need to be truly honest here, as my hubby has been the real hero with all the household chores. He even got to those things he’s been wanting to do for ages. You know those niggly maintenance things and odds and ends one often finds no time to do. So here’s to my hubby, the real hero 🍻

Ok, so besides the normal Monday to Friday working day and the occasional day-to-day chores of cleaning house, washing, cooking and weekly food trips to Woolworths, this is what I’ve been up to:

  • Got stuck into some scrapbooking
  • Started a new puzzle
  • Played retro TV games (you know those good oldies like Mario Brothers, Pac-man, Tetris, Double Dragon etc.)
  • Played guitar and ventured out into learning a bit of lead guitar
  • Watched movies (sometimes even resorting to some binge watching through those back-to-back movies we so love)
  • Played scrabble
  • Flew drones (I must admit this was a rather limited experience)
  • Listened to music
  • Read a book (which still isn’t finished)
  • Participated in some HIIT (high intensity interval training) sessions
  • Engaged in zoom chats with the family
  • And finally managed to head out for a few runs once Level 4 of lock down was declared

I also found myself getting super upset around those people within our complex who decided the law did not apply to them. With no consequence – as it seems to always be the case in South Africa. Running and walking around everyone’s unit, some even with their children, with no thought about the potential repercussions or consequences.

Needless to say, my hubby and I decided to celebrate our monthly anniversary with a picnic out on the lawn. Maybe as a subtle form of revenge (which is so not like us), away from the confining house and mother-in-law. It was indeed a beautiful picnic and oh so quiet. We definitely managed to absorb our Vitamin D quota for the day and shared a few good laughs together. It was the best.

One of my favourite moments was when I decided to bear my all to the world. Don’t ask me what I was thinking. Theoretically everyone should have been busy with something in their own homes, right?! What could I lose? And so naked I stood as I opened my bedroom curtains and greeted the world as free as I could be. Thank goodness there were no screams and no peeping Tom’s. My hubby giggled behind me. But it was indeed liberating after all these days of lock down.

And so it continues…

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