We gonna need a bigger boat

My sister suggested that I should write about all the different types of metaphorical boats we find ourselves in during this Covid19 pandemic. After giving this much thought, I realised it would be so much more effective coming from the person who wanted to voice her opinion.

So here are my sister’s thoughts:

They say we are all in the same boat 🚣 during this pandemic, but actually there are four boats (maybe more)!!!

Boat one:

Those who are staying home and only going to the shop when really necessary.

Boat two:

Those that are the essential “essential” workers and have every right to be out.

Boat three:

Those that think they are essential workers when actually they are just taking the mickey out of the situation.

Boat four:

Those who just couldn’t be bothered and are disobeying all the rules.

I have to agree and funny enough I personally know at least one person that fits each of these scenarios. Quite simply put, there are those who take the law seriously and those who don’t.

The immensely frustrating part about South Africa is the lack of consequences. Even our own government gets away with massive corruption, with acts and plots to better themselves rather than our struggling nation. And no one can stand up to them and do anything about it, because even the process of doing so is corrupt. It’s a lose-lose, no-win situation. In fact, this type of behaviour is endemic to South Africa and a disease in itself that we should class as epidemic. But I know too that we are not the only nation in this predicament, so here’s to a world wide pandemic of law-breakers, driven by selfish, greedy individuals who think they know better (read more here Me-cracy).

So let me rock the boat a little here and let’s be honest! Which boat are you in?

If you find yourself in boat three or boat four, when will you start to maybe think about others instead of yourself?! Quite frankly, maybe man overboard will be the solution!

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