An act of kindness beyond what is due…

Sometimes I find getting back to basics, so simple and so refreshing, allowing flexibility and time with which to focus on those important things that have been lost, or downgraded in priority, during the busyness of our lives.

And so here I find myself heading into the third week lock down, reading about the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness. We all know the story. Racked with hunger and thirst after 40 days and nights of fasting, the tempter begins to work on those mortal needs and wants we as mere mortals cannot live without. Food, protection and power.

What striked me the most though was how the tempter stated his case:

If you are the Son of God…”

And that’s it. All the tempter does is to plant a dark insecure sense of debilitating doubt. “If you are…”. In any situation. “If this…”. And at any given time. “If that…”

Here we are, living day by day not knowing “if…” tomorrow we will have food to eat, our basic physiological need to sustain our strength and health. Not knowing “if…” we will be safe, given the rather unstable circumstances we find ourselves in. Not knowing “if…” we will have any financial power in the morning as our economies come to a grinding halt in many different aspects.

And so I have decided that back to basics it shall be. We only have today and instead of focusing on food, protection and power, we should maybe focus more on the metaphorical food, faith and favour.

  • Food: We have the necessities to feed our bodies. Keep it simple and as healthy as possible. There are also many relationships (friends and family), good books and uplifting movies that can feed the soul too. Emotional nutrition is just as important to sustain.
  • Protection and safety: This one we gonna have to have a little bit of faith, or maybe even a lot of faith. In times of testing and uncertainty, it really is the preferred response. We may have guns and ammunition at our disposal or we may only have our wits, either way we have no control over what may happen.
  • Power: Power is not for us mere mortals, as we tend to quickly become our own gods, with catastrophic results. As we gain more power the more we elevate our own deity and agendas. Maybe we can just forget about the “Me’s” in the world and settle with seeking out favour. An act of kindness beyond what is due. A beautiful gift that transcends any form of power. Spiritual nutrition and commitment is most important.

So let’s eat, from the many sources bestowed upon us, with thankful and grateful hearts; let’s believe in something much bigger than ourselves and the turmoil we find ourselves in; and after all is said and done, let’s seek out the favour of the One that really matters.

Food, Faith and Favour.

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And have a wonderful long Easter weekend!

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