Viral mania

This past week I found myself silently seething, overwrought and boiling from the inside out as I sat on the train heading to and from work. I had a moment where I realised just how selfish we as a human race are and thereafter, just could not shake it. Every day, a constant reminder of the downfall of the human race.

We don’t care that we put others in danger when we cough or sneeze. We think that the advice given by top officials and healthcare practitioners is ludicrous. All we care about is getting to where we want to be and doing what we want to do. Turning a blind eye and deaf ear. Oblivious to the effects we may have on those around us. Absolutely no consequence.

As long as ‘I‘ am ok, right?

Wrong! Why is it that we have the mentality that ‘it will never happen to me!’? This world wide pandemic regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is very real despite how the virus may have made it’s way into the human population. And even if there are real minds and attackers behind this pandemic or simply something that happened because of the damage we have done to our earth, surely it all comes down to the same thing.


Being concerned with our own personal profit or gain, lacking any consideration for others.

Does that sound familiar? It’s all about me.

Who cares about those around us? As long as I am ok.

Why should I care or pretend to care, or fake it till you make it type of care?

The age old story I have written about on a few occasions. Because of greed (Crazy little thing called). Driven by dark shadows of impatience and now selfishness (Me-cracy).

Could we all, just for a moment think about our actions and think about the potential consequences if you were me and I was you? Just stop and be mindful of others. It really is not rocket science!

2 thoughts on “Viral mania

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  2. Antman

    So true. But don’t worry, mother nature will sort us all in the end. Those that deserve it and those that don’t. One big pot. But she will win, as she must!


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