Drudged Mentality

What is it with bosses asking you to do their work for them, on their PC, under their profile knowing full well that there are privacy laws, confidentiality agreements and eyes in secret places?

Twice now I have had to turn down one of my bosses, leaving him rather disappointed in me. I mean it’s not as if I have no work to do! By matter of principle I choose simply not to succumb to a drudged mentality. I am worth so much more.

I have to wonder what drives him and what values he lives by. If he takes shortcuts in the workplace, does he take shortcuts in his personal life? Does he treat his wife and children like skivvies too?

I certainly do not want to judge or make any assumptions, but I do find myself fluctuating between immense anger and absolute helplessness on his behalf. I mean I actually start to feel sorry for people like this. And it lands up as wasted energy spent in the wrong place. It can really knock you for a six.

Surely as adults, we all know that life sometimes entails getting down to those things that are mundane, boring and super tedious, but in many ways are necessary for reasons we may or may not understand.

What I do know, is eventually something has to give and often that something tends to be very personal and close to home. I do hope it doesn’t get to that point for him.

I have often heard that people like this are placed along our paths to teach us something! So maybe let’s not dismiss these frustrating requests. We do not need to succumb to the drudged mentality of being a skivvie, but we can learn to stand tall with our chins held high as people of substance and value.

As for me…

Wrong is wrong, so walk the road less travelled. Don’t settle for the easy way out.
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Stick to your guns and live life as best you can, purposefully driven by sincere and true values.