The oddest thing happened last week.

It was a Tuesday morning, nothing out of the ordinary. I’m into my work, like super focused and without even consciously realising, I start to eat my sliced carrots. It’s all routine.

Well, never before had I felt such a sharp burning pain. It felt as though something had stung me just under my tongue. Of course I thought that maybe it’s just a momentary thing that will pass and possibly the result of some really sour lemon juice (which I normally squeeze over the carrots). Thinking nothing of it I carried on, despite the painful distraction.

Believe it or not but a few hours later, my salivary gland just popped out. Literally. There was no lump, then there was a lump! Bham. I realised swallowing seemed a little more difficult than normal, but just on one side. Super weird!

And so off to the bathroom I go to see what was going on and believe it or not there was my gland like a ball, just hanging around. I didn’t know what to think. I was still breathing. Heart rate was on 48. No fever. No nausea. Very odd.

Of course I start contemplating whether to go to a doctor or just toughen up and get through it? It really is a bit of a dilemma when you haven’t got a clue as to what is going on and doctors are literally the last option for me. Quite conveniently though, some of my work colleagues are doctors which allowed me to show off my ball of a gland and bounce some potential diagnoses off them. Despite the potential abscess, blocked salivary gland or simply swollen lymph nodes due to an infection, I felt fine 🤔

Needless to say, I eventually saw my doctor and the blood results indicated a salivary gland infection, which apparently can, out of the blue, just happen.

And so here I am still on antibiotics, which I tried to avoid for five days.

So what is the moral of this story?

Maybe it’s simply that sometimes we need to get a little bit of help. Despite being all mucho and proud, to drop those walls and be a little more vulnerable. Needless to say I’m feeling much better and hopeful that no salivary stones will be formed. Mmm!