Rise and Grind

So here’s the thing. I love coffee. Not any coffee and certainly not instant coffee. But simply the good real freshly ground stuff. I mean it all mocha me crazy.

Being quite a fussy coffee drinker, I thought I would give the low down on what my taste adventure has been. I will certainly try keep this short and to the point, so don’t worry be frappè!

So here we go…

Seattle Coffee:

I must admit this is generally a good cup of coffee but almost always luke warm. There’s nothing worse than drinking an almost cold cup of coffee. Brewing coffee at the right temperature is a critical part of a Barrister’s skill, as the correct temperature helps to extract just the right amount of flavour and oils from the coffee beans. And this temperature should be in the range of 90 to 96°C.

To avoid disappointment, my standard request is now to ask for an extra hot cappucino, where the milk froth is heated to a higher temperature once the coffee has already been made. This eliminates any potential of burning those delicious beans.


As a standard rule I never order coffee here, unless I’m feeling like something different. The coffee really does make me all depresso. However, the blend and mixes do appease the craving for something a little sweet and delicious. My favourite being the White Mocha. Definitely not the healthiest choice!

Vida E Caffé:

I seriously have a range of mixed emotions with Vida E. Here the coffee is almost always far too hot, which in essence burns the coffee beans, and leaves one with that horrible lingering burnt flavour. But they do offer a single origin coffee bean.

Single origin is of course the best beans as they are grown in one geographical location with preferred methods of roasting and often found to be seasonal, which makes one look forward to the taste sensation. Yes, a little more expensive than standard blends but pretty much like a good wine. Once you find a brand you generally stick to it.

Words cannot espresso what this beans to me. It’s a dilemma, with my choices being limited to a cappuccino or latté, and only when there is an option of single origin beans being available.


Definitely not the go-to place for a great cuppa, especially when one loves coffee. The coffee is often so bland it’s as though one is drinking flavoured hot water. It was actually so bad at one point my hubby and I had to return it and ask for a new one. Sadly even the new cuppa was just as disappointing!

When there is no other option available, I select the Vanilla and Cinnamon cappuccino. The syrups give a great flavour if moderated according to cup size and coffee blend. I must admit that this is where Starbucks wins, hands down.

Home brewed:

Last of all, I’ve tried them all and I have to say, there is nothing like our home brewed freshly ground coffee. We source single origin beans where we know where the coffee has been grown. And then we grind them with a burr grinder, one that allows the natural coffee oils to be preserved in the beans as they get ground to the selected coarseness. Plunged to perfection. Yummy. Home brewed definitely wins the vote.

Have a brewtiful day!