Egg in the middle

So I decided to cook up something quick, easy and fun a week or so ago. Being a sunday evening, we generally just eat something light, if anything at all. Well, I thought I would try something my mom used to do when I was growing up. A tasty little treat.

On mentioning it to my hubby, he gave me a rather skewed look of disbelief that I could actually cook up something called ‘egg-in-bread’ (also known as egg-in-a-hole). I mean how could he not know this little favourite recipe?

I was flabbergasted!

So I took out the bread and the eggs. I was on a mission to at least make up for what he didnt experience as a child. Poor thing!

Carefully buttered both sides of the bread and then cut a perfect little square out the middle of each slice. Just big enough to hold the yoke of the egg. After frying the bread in a little real butter, I cracked the egg into the hole.

‘Oh’, he says, ‘is that what you meant! Never had THAT before!’

I dont know what he thought I meant! And so for the first time my hubby experienced and wafted down the egg-in-bread. I’m guessing he quite liked it!

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