Today I’m going to tell you about a device I have to admit is absolutely ingenious. It’s called the SheWee and it is shweet! A device made for ladies, suitable for any occasion, especially where you cannot squat (for example on a hike, a trail run, mountain biking or just out in the bundu). A device that is used as if you had a jolly winkle. It really is a life saver.

For some, I know you must be thinking ‘how disgusting’! But quite honestly, I don’t think you have any say that can be valid or even entertained until you have actually tried the product.

I must admit I was quite skeptical at first but also super curious as to how it would work. Amazingly so, it just slots in through the side of your underwear and held in the direction you require. No more having to squat. No more bum tickles in that long grass, hoping nothing will cling on and eventually find it’s way into your body. No one wants to be searched in the cavity area for a tick!

But most importantly, there are two things to remember:

  1. You must ensure you have a good seal against your body, and
  2. Make sure ladies, that you face downwind!

A bonus feature is that the product has a liquid repellent type of surface, so once done, one quick rapid shake and back into a plastic ziploc bag does the trick. It really is that simple!

There are many others on the market like the Tinkle Belle, GoGirl and even some disposable options. Whichever you choose is up to you. Keep it handy in that bag you always carry with you, as it is also suitable for when those desperately needed moments arrive whilst shopping or having a cuppa, and the toilet is just too far gone, beyond sitting on. And no one really knows what it is, so keeping it in your bag will certainly not draw any attention.

And for those of you that are brave and comfortable with your man, take on the unspoken challenge! Ok, it may not be that sexy and he will probably win with a distance goal, but hey, convenience is the talk of the day!

2 thoughts on “ShWeet!

  1. Janis Rehder

    Great invention- have not yet used one but can only imagine it would be a lifesaver
    Janis Rehder Cell 0828664500 Sent from my iPhone


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