The damnedest thing…

So out of nowhere our youngest son asked his dad if he could use his own pocket money to buy some sweets. Of course, I too took a chance and jumped on the band wagon, looked at my husband, fluttered my eyelids and asked where my pocket money was?

Without any hesitation and undeniably innocent, our son doesn’t wait for my husband to answer. He simply looks at me and says:

‘Your pocket money is in his pants!’

Yes believe it or not, out of the lips of an eleven year old! The same son who came home from school and told us about orgasms instead of organisms (read more here: Whose line is it anyway). I have to wonder what kids are being exposed to nowadays!

I guess what we found most funny was the fact that he didn’t realise what he had said until we both looked at him and packed up laughing. Reality hit! He blushed and hid with embarrassment.

Needless to say that was our entertainment for the day and will possibly be for a number of upcoming weeks.

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