Whose that man?

A storyteller,

Disregards no detail and accounts for much more,

Leaving you many stories in the memory store;

Ceaselessly talkative,

Historical mostly,

Cleverly depicting words in a predicament quite so hostly.

Always says ‘Thank-you’,

Opens the door,

Certainly not considered a chore;

Exceedingly grateful,

Amazingly faithful,

Could it be that he is an angel?

True to his word,

He’s as free as a bird,

His heart on his sleeve,


Maybe it’s a dream!

No hero from a book,

No model from a runway,

But a sculpture of love,

Sent from God above.

Gentle as a dove,

An unsung hero,

My best friend and biggest fan,

It’s the truth, He’s my man.

5 thoughts on “Whose that man?

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