Yes, everyone is talking about it in South Africa. So I’m just going to bounce off this latest fad word and give you some pointers on how you can contribute to transformation and positively impact your work day! Afterall, it is your well-being that must be prioritised and a big part of this is having fun in an environment where one spends most of their time.

Do you ever get those days where time just hangs and you find yourself constantly looking at the clock and wondering if indeed it is actually working? Or on the other hand it goes by super fast, with back-to-back meetings but there is just no stimulation or sense of accomplishment?

Despite what your occupation is, here are some daring tips to help get you through:

  1. Listen for the most used word of the day and then use it at least once in all your conversations and email for the rest of the week. Always have a good come back.
  2. Make a point to thank the bathroom cleaner. That smile never fails to turn one’s day the right side up!
  3. Walk sideways to the photocopy machine. Yes, maybe avoid eye contact!
  4. Stop and say hello to those who greet you even when you may be running a little late. Learn to be prompt so that these moments can play out.
  5. Decide which person really made your day and send a ‘thank you’ note by using post-it notes on his or her desk.
  6. Decide which person really made your day crap and buy him or her a chocolate.
  7. If you have escalators, look upwards towards the roof without holding onto the sides. You may find yourself in a stand-up skydiving position enjoying the freedom of your flight.
  8. Rearrange your bosses desk. Especially the ones that are a little OCD!
  9. Put a sign on your photocopy machine that says the following: ‘New Copier – Voice activated. Please speak your command’. Someone will bite eve in a whisper!
  10. Give a colleague a call and tell him or her that you are just calling to say you cant talk right now.

And that is ten ways to transform this work week. I dare you to give them a shot.


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