What a load of pillows!

Did you know that the right pillow is actually quite important for a good night’s sleep? In fact, a good pillow not only supports your neck and back while you rest, but also will improve your overall sleep quality which in turn has a ripple effect on your overall quality of life. Sleep is important so that our bodies can regenerate and heal and build up reserves we can draw on in this exceedingly stressful world.

And so my story begins.

Generally I’m a fairly light, side sleeper. Occasionally though, I lay on my back and apparently break out in snorbys (click here to learn More about a snorby), but I really like that cuddle position. Holding onto the duvet in the fetal position with just my eyes or head sticking out. Even in summer, having that comfort of a covering I can hold onto brings a sense of relaxation.

But here’s the thing. For a long time, I’ve been waking up with a stiff neck which of course leads to a tension headache. Not pleasant at all.

Now, let me just let you know what pillows I have:

  • Hollow fibre
  • Memory foam, and
  • Shredded bamboo memory pillows

All of them garanteed to be a great combination of weapons in any pillow fight, but for other purposes such as sleeping, they only work for short periods of time and often my hubby and I are swopping them out between the two of us.

Wanting to ensure we remain environmentally conscious with our purchases, my husband assured me that we should just look at the Tempur range. The true Rolls Royce of pillows, starting around R1600 a pillow. I mean that’s just crazy.

After spending a good forty-five minutes in the shop, trying out all the different shapes and sizes, I finally selected the standard Tempur memory foam rectangular pillow. I had to swallow my pride (and my credit card too). To be honest, I was starting to feel just a little excitement to get to bed that night, thinking I was in for a seriously good night’s sleep (picturing myself sleeping on wads of notes!). I mean this is the Rolls Royce after all.

And boy what a ride! It didn’t work. I again woke up with a stiff neck. Saddened. Disappointed. Now what?!

Pillows apparently cannot be returned as they are termed a hygienic product. Needless to say, I was determined to try my luck. We went back and pleaded. Softened my voice. Batted my sad eyes. My hubby chipping in to work some extra magic. And even after all that, the sales guy could not do anything other than to contact his manager the following day. Credits to him for trying! He indeed followed through and eventually came to my rescue and made a plan for me to swop it out. Really impressive. That’s certainly what I would expect from a Rolls Royce experience!

And now to add to my ever growing list of pillows, I now have a Velfont latex pillow. I mean just listen to this:

This pillow features a natural, ecological breathable latex core. The material holds its shape, is flexible and highly adaptable, with a double anti-stress cover!

Now not only should I sleep better but I will also be stress free! And for half the price! What more could one ask for!

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