Early on this week, I headed out in my car to go to work. It was a cold, crisp winter’s morning. The dark night sky still heavily set in place. My heightened awareness attempting to wake up. My fingers and toes slowly thawing out with the warm air of the heater. Coming to a stop as the robot turned red, something caught my eye. I looked twice just to make sure. And there it was!

Just take a moment…

# I apologised for the poor quality of the pictures, only had my phone on hand!

Yes, I know you were expecting a catchy heart thrilling story here, but what I saw was the above sign. The sign that belongs to Menlyn Mall, one of the biggest malls in South Africa. The lights on the sign were clearly not working except for the first two letters. I had to laugh and have to say how appropriate and true it is in today’s day and age!

I call it Me-cracy.

The one that this is all about. The one that wants it all. The one that will use anything to get ahead. I have to wonder how long our society can continue this way. Name brands. Egos. Stuff. Materialism. Greed.

And guess what?

In the end, we die and absolutely none of that stuff goes with us. It sure doesn’t bring happiness. And yet it satisfies and feeds on our greed for more and more stuff. I still believe that greed is the driving factor of most our actions – the intense and selfish desire for something, as the dictionary so aptly describes it.

I wonder what it would take to rid ourselves of the me aspect!

Let me suggest this post for further insight:

In Pursuit of Happiness

3 thoughts on “Me-cracy

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