To read or not to read

Have you ever been so excited to open up a new watch, device or piece of equipment eager to get things set-up and running, and linked to the appropriate app? You lay everything out in front of you, carefully putting the box and additional components to one side. And then open the instructions, you know, where to start.

Ok, we know that guys in general disregard anything that looks remotely like small fine print, resembling the common guide of instructions, but normally one would tend to look at them, right?!

Well, on behalf of my husband this morning, I decided to read the particular instructions. They simply indicated a five-step process.

As I read them aloud it went something like this:

  1. Download the app
  2. Push your bike with your right hand while showing off the watch on your left arm
  3. Place a small exercise ball on the side of your body and stretch across to lift it up, making sure your watch arm is the arm that stretches across your body
  4. Skip with a skipping rope
  5. Sit outside with your watch arm parallel to the ground and smile

Seriously, this is the instruction pamphlet:

I wonder!

Is this the new undercover specification manual designed for men?!

Just a rhetorical question!

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