Ring for a kiss

This weekend my husband and I decided to do a Park Run and then have a little breakfast before we flew our drones over a beautiful rose farm (#avid drone flyers).

While sitting at our table in the restaurant, we heard a tinkle (although I much prefer the word ping than tinkle), coming somewhere from the kitchen area. It sounded exactly like a reception or call bell.

Just to put you in the picture, when we got married we had a cow bell hanging from a heart shaped board in our reception hall, that said:

Ring for a kiss!

Of course this becomes something of a novelty during our wedding reception. Every now and then the bell would ring (more now than then!), with one of our family or friends gleefully hanging onto the bell and staring in our direction, waiting for a response. Just before we were about to take a bite of food or a sip of our drink, or trying to slip out inconspicuously to the desperately needed bathroom, the bell would ring and of course the bride and groom would have to kiss. It was fun.

Not so long ago, our dear friends also bought us a reception bell in remembrance of them and our wedding. It looks like this:

Today, the cow bell hangs in our bedroom and the reception bell resides in the kitchen. Should my husband ring either bell, he waits by the bell until I come and give him a kiss. And vice versa should I ring the bell. There is only one rule – the kiss must be given as soon after the bell is heard. Either bell can be rung at any time. It really is fun and trust me, certainly helpful in those difficult heated exchange of view type scenarios!

However, let’s get back to the restaurant…

A bell pings in the background while we wait to order and immediately my husband’s face lights up with glee. It seems that as the kitchen orders were ready, the bell would ping. Big smiles. We take it as a sign to kiss. This goes on for a while, sometimes dishing up three kisses at a time! I’m not sure what everyone thought of us, but I’m pretty sure we got some strange glances and head shakes. However, very proud to say I think we got at least fifteen kisses in! lt was indeed fun, even for us adults!

Moral of the story? Life’s short. Make memories. Have moments of laughter and fun. Who cares about what others think, they simply jealous of what you have.

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