King Versus Hero

My husband and I decided to go watch a movie. You know, be spontaneous, get out and do some of the things we don’t get to do very often. Not having many options to choose from, we selected Aquaman.

I must admit, these Marvel movies are starting to grow on me and this one in particularly was rather entertaining. A PG 13 rating, far too violent for children, and a few scary sci-fi type scenes that even I, a fully grown adult (I think), struggled with!

Needless to say, I always try to learn something or at least find some new meaning and motivation for life when I watch a movie. And for this specific one, it was simply a quote that went like this:

A king fights for his nation. A hero fights for everyone.

A king fights for that which is his own. A hero fights for something much bigger than his or her own world. A hero gives his or her life to something much bigger than oneself. It really is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly and is certainly not for everyone. Being a hero comes at a high cost!

I suppose we could liken this concept to how our world works. Each and every race for itself. Every business for itself. Every politcal party for itself. Every country for itself. Even right down to every man for himself! Much like kings – limited to his own nation, power and wealth.

It’s quite sad actually. Imagine what the potential could be, if we could all adopt a hero mentality allowing collaboration between races, businesses, politicians and countries, unlimited, unshaped and open to possibilities.

Maybe this is a lesson to us all?

Maybe presidents should set aside some time to watch this movie and apply it’s fundamental learnings?

Maybe we all need to just take a moment to think about how greatness begins?

#Food for thought

One thought on “King Versus Hero

  1. Antman

    I really enjoyed this blog. You are so correct. Unfortunately we live in a me me me world. But we can all make a difference…especially as hero’s.
    Really well put.


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