Here’s to 2019

You’re always one decision away from a totally different life!

Author unknown

Imagine every time you read a book the story changed?! At the end of each chapter, the story allowed the reader to select which path or outcome they wished at that point in the story and then would direct the reader to the next chapter in line with that choice.

Same with a movie. Imagine every time you watched that same movie, the main character would take a different decision at various points in the story. The finale would be totally different all the time, leaving you on the edge of your seat unable to predict what’s next.

TV Soaps, TV Series, even dreams could all be subjected to the power of decision-making and returning different journeys and endings.

And that’s how I see 2019. Every decision we make will lead us down a very specific path. Yes, things hardly ever go as planned but when you allow your heart to lead your choices and decisions, and not rely on your head where chaos mostly reigns, you will find yourself on a highway of rich life and peace. The logical and irrational thinking definitely has it’s place and should not be ignored, but before making a decision the message is to simply pause. Then listen.

Just as our physical heart is the very core of our entire human body, autonomously beating to keep each and every cell in the body alive, so it is the very core of our essence. Trust it! Meditate. Pray. Take a drive or a walk. Whatever works for you. But just take pause and listen to your heart.

So here’s to 2019…

#One day you will

2 thoughts on “Here’s to 2019

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  2. Antman

    So well put. The impact of our decisions….the butterfly effect…
    You raise some excellent points – here we go 2019!


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