Take a moment

This has been a super busy week. Christmas, travelling, family, friends, game drives, drones and of course lots of food! But, if I had to select just one thing that really touched my heart over this past week it would have to be the performance by the kids from LIV village in Pretoria.


LIV village was founded and built on a vision by a man named Tich Smith, a previous Natal rugby player and South African cricketer, lost to alcoholism at one point in his life. His vision was to build an orphanage village for children and to provide jobs for local and rural families. All with the hope and faith that when the government sees that this kind of set-up works, they will then point to the cross of Jesus, because this vision was and is from God.

#Read more about Tich Smith: http://www.liv-village.com/founders/

The main feature was indeed The Lord’s Prayer, in Swahili. So take a moment to just enjoy:

Some real talent coming through. I have to admit though, the video did not do justice to the live experience. Goose bumps. That feel good feeling. It really does make you take a moment to simply reflect.

As we head into the new year of 2019, let’s remember to stop and take in the moment. After all, a moment is all we are given!

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