The anticipation, the excitement, the longing all rolled up internally as I waited for The day to arrive. My first real concert, booked 5 months ago. Yes, I’ve never been to a big event like this before, especially one that attracts international stardom. Yes, I’ve seen the Parlotones on a small scale and it’s considered a concert nonetheless, so I’m not entirely an outcast! But this was my first ever international concert, held in an arena called Time Square, featuring four gorgeous men my husband fortunately allowed me to drool over for the night.

Introducing, the group of tenors creatively brought together by the well known Simon Cowell:

  • Carlos from Spain
  • David from the USA
  • Urs from Switzerland, and
  • Sebastien from France

IL DIVO…the celebrity!

I mean these guys not only have the ability to capture your full attention through their voice and songs but they are truly just gorgeous, sexy men! And no judging is allowed if you are not from Generation X!

The arena slowly filled up until it was at its maximum capacity. Every seat from my perspective was occupied. A full audience, sold out. My anticipation at this point nearing sheer explosion! And then it began.

The introduction, followed by the opening singers – A touch of class, 14 year old Amirah, Blackbyrd legend Natalie Lamb, and Zolani Mahola from Freshlyground. What a line up! Amazing voices. An orchestra that was simply magical. And then my boys came onto stage, only 3 though, as Sebastian had to return home due to the Californian fires. Of course it had to be my favourite tenor, but let’s give him credit where credit is due, he did the right thing. I guess I identify a lot with Sebastian. He is the only member in the Il Divo group that actually taught himself music as a child, listening and then playing by ear. What a feat to achieve!

The mix of symphonies, melodies, duets and rhythms hitting that heart spot, the music capturing and imprisoning your soul. There’s no running from such powerful performances as these. This is music at its best. Music that heals and restores the loneliest of hearts, brings light into the darkest of places, and breathes a fresh breath of life into weary bodies. This type of music has to be God ordained.

Thinking back now, I am almost sure I made every effort to make my husband feel like he was my all and that he was always in my thoughts even as I drooled over these spectacular, sexy men.

#Sidebar: Ladies, it’s super important to make sure he has your assurance that you are his and his alone.

My husband was well aware of the implications of this concert and he did give me the all-ok! I mean I have to wonder how many husbands or even boyfriend’s out there would allow their woman to have an entire night to drool over international pieces of wonder! I must be the luckiest woman in the world!

Needless to say, my husband landed up purchasing their latest Timeless album. He loved them, I’m hoping just not as much as I do (#wink wink)!

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