Looking back

Exactly one year yesterday, to the day, my husband and I lay next to a chilled deep blue swimming pool, waiting in anticipation for our friends to tie the knot. Everyone putting on their finest wear in honour of beautiful friends who were soon to make their lifelong vows. The wedding was scheduled for later in the day and so to take advantage of being away we decided to travel a day early, book in and enjoy the weekend.

Great decision. The morning of the wedding was just beautiful. Clear blue skies with a crisp Free State breeze. We lounged by the swimming pool, soaking in some warm rays of sun and engaging with our new notebooks. We had bought ourselves a notebook to record important things in our lives and here we had decided to start writing… something, anything. Of course I opened mine and just stared at the first page unsure of what to write. Much like how I felt when I started to blog.

Where does one start? Yes, I’m tempted to answer ‘at the beginning’, but I’m really trying to work on my sarcasm!

I tried to sneek a peak to see if I could see what my husband was writing, but he appeared to be in a private moment. So I opened a magazine and much to my amusement, there it was. My aha moment, struck by a simple statement, which became my profound opening to my notebook. This is what I wrote down:

Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old!

Franz Kafka

I am happy to say a year later I still see beauty and still search for any sign of beauty. My husband sees this more than I do but let me just say, there is so much beauty out there in the world. Sometimes we just need to stop and look up once in a while.

However, back to the notebook…

I cannot believe just how much is actually in there now. I mean for me it really is amazing. Just to give a little perspective, it consists of the following:

  • A list of important dates
  • A list of goals (daily, weekly, long term)
  • Blog ideas
  • Mile stones with my husband
  • Personal challenges and how I deal with them
  • Monthly marriage challenges
  • Marriage pointers
  • Random life changing and thought provoking notes and ideas

It’s not so much the amount of content, as that is minimal. But it is exactly to the point. No space to waste by writing in circles. It’s the naked raw truth that adds to my authenticity. It sometimes provides that fresh perspective I so desparately need in trying times. It really has become a wealth of memories and life learnings, stored and treasured safely and regularly opened to read so to keep reminding myself of how far I have come and where I am going. I have to wonder how I got through my less immature years, sometimes aimlessly striving towards nothing. But now I know. And knowing is indeed living!

So here’s my challenge to you. Buy a special notebook that you can keep with you most the time. And when you have those profound moments write it down. If you see something that strikes you, write it down. Don’t wait, you will forget it and those moments loose their meaning and impact so quickly. Capture it. Embrace it. Go back and read it. Read it again. Your life will take on a whole new dimension.

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