Good Ole Memories

How many of you recall the good old days of Elvis? I mean what an amazing performer! A man who caused outrage across the United States because of his gyrating hip movements, and soon nicknamed Elvis the Pelvis, standing 6 feet tall with an eleven shoe size.

Born in 1935, a tradionalist according to date of birth. It seems there is always someone who will find a way to stand out against the crowd and go against the flow and make things happen. Priceless to watch him in action:

George Clooney. Born in May of 1961, a real time baby boomer man. Did you know he actually suffered from Bells Palsy during one of his school years? Bells Palsy is when there is weakness or paralysis in the muscles that are mostly used for ones expression. Because of this he was bullied for an enitre year. But I mean just look at this man! You would never have thought…

That smile is just so worth a million dollars! With an amazing list of accolades, I guess he deserves to have a smile like that. After all, he was one of the top 50 most stylish men according to GQ magazine in 2007! And the most sexiest man alive in 1997 and again in 2006. In 2016 he was also the number one dream date option on (for those of you from the previous generations gone by, this is referring to an online dating app #OMG).

My generation is known as Generation X born 1965 to 1976. I like to think I’m borderline Generation X and Y, not psychologically (as some might wish), but literally, by one year. So I’m happy to say I’m a bit of both and will embrace the best of both.

Generation Y (otherwise known as the millenials) born between 1977 and 1995, sees many great names such as:

  • Mark Zuckerberg
  • Kim Jong Un
  • Wyatt Roy
  • Prince William
  • The Olsen twins
  • Rafael Nadal

Yes, I had to use google to find some of those names, please don’t judge me for that! But I’m just pointing out that for us Xers we probably feel more comfortable with past heroes and successes. You know like Elvis and Madonna and maybe even president Bush. We feel more at ease with identifying with past successes and maybe even just a little trepid of possibly identifying with future geek successes. Just some food for thought!

Generation Z (otherwise known as centennials), born 1996 and later, consider themselves as the most savviest generation yet! I mean they literally do not know what life was like before the internet. They will never know how to do what we used to do. I somehow think it’s a little sad as these things they will possibly not be able to ever identify with:

The good old box TV…

Dial telephone…

Drive-in movie theatre…

The manual mincer…

Certainly not trying to give away my age but I find it fun reminiscing over things we used to love! So enjoy reminiscing if you’re old enough!

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