Yes, Honey

In January 2014, I made a decision to start being more aware of what I eat and what products I use. I found the research stimulating as it grabbed my attention. All I wanted to do was to prove the research for myself. Was it indeed true?

You see, I’m the kind of person that pretty much has to learn from making my own mistakes. I know we get taught to learn from the mistakes of others, and that is all good and well, but for me that’s like trying to live a life based on someone else’s convictions. It doesn’t work if you don’t believe why you do or do not do something. I need to figure it out for myself. But, there’s still the cherry on top.

With my maiden name being Perfect, I have constantly strived and lived up to that name as best as I could. Proud of the achievements. Proud of the work ethic. Proud of many other things that naturally come along with a name like that. When I got married I wrestled over the name change, only to settle on one simple thing – as a sign of my commitment to my amazing husband I took his name (even though he really wanted mine!).

Understand, this has had a major effect on me. I mean I now constantly feel under pressure to actually make a mistake. And not just a mistake in my own eyes, but in the eyes of those I know. It needs to be a genuine mistake, a right mistake. A mistake that isn’t right is wrong and if it’s a wrong mistake then it might be perfect again! It really is a contradiction difficult to play out!

Getting back to the point of this blog, I decided to change a few things. Be more healthier. One of the many changes I made was to use honey instead of sugar, in everything where I previously used sugar. Raw honey to be precise. Fresh, natural and unpasteurized.

#Sidebar…Did you know?

Honey is able to store it’s vitamins perfectly, unlike vegetables and fruit that gradually decrease while in storage . Raw honey is also only minimally filtered so as to ensure minimal damage to the enzymes and other nutrients that are found in honey. It does requires some filtering so as to remove any hive or body debris that is found in raw honey. Yes, sometimes you could be eating bee parts or anything else that has made its way into the hive.

Bearing this in mind, I started to feel a little weird within two days of changing a few products (of which I could not pinpoint because I had made a couple of changes!). However, being strong minded as I am, determined to push through, I convinced myself that the change was good. My body was obviously adjusting and filtering out all the bad stuff, kind of like going through a withdrawal. But what caught my attention after day 4, besides the constant itching of my skin, was my throat, feeling tighter than usual, and slightly swollen and itchy eyes. I guess it concerned me enough to make a trip to the doctor. The result? If you are allergic to bees do not consume raw honey. I am allergic to bees!

So there it is. I would never have related being allergic to bees and eating raw honey! But so worth the experience!

So here’s a few pointers regarding my experience and research with honey:

  1. Choose honey that is from one country of origin. There are lots of mass honey producers that will blend honeys together from a variety of countries. When this is done, there is no quality control or assurance that it is indeed pure honey. Further to this, as long as the majority of the honey is from one country, the producer is allowed to say it is from that particular country on it’s label.
  2. Do your research on the producer.
  3. There are many additives being added to honey products out there (including sugar and water). Be sure to find a producer who does not take short cuts.
  4. If you are not allergic to bees choose raw honey over the normal pasteurized honey. Both have phenomenal benefits.
  5. Replace all your sugar requirements with honey instead (watch your quantities).

In no time you will start feeling the difference. Start with something simple. You will be surprised at the results!

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