A sequence of events

Monday morning. The train is a 4 cart instead of an 8 cart. This means sardines! A claustrophobic ride spanning a time period of around 30 minutes, an elbow in my hip on one side, a sweaty armpit somewhere near my nose on the other side and an overdone scent of a man permeating through the entire cart. It was indeed sickening (#1).

I arrive at work only to find my body ball is no longer by my work station. I try to ensure I keep my body in the best possible shape that I can and using a body ball is one of the ways to assist my posture. I obviously try to think positively and give the assumed ‘culprit’ the benefit of the doubt. I start to walk the floor to see where it may be. Quite frankly it really couldn’t roll far away, but it could be taken, anywhere across 8 different floors in 3 different sections of the building. Seems like an impossible task. I did not find it (#2). It was definitely time to grab a quick cuppa. I headed down to Vida E Cafe.

On arriving and ready to place my order, the cashier says they are unable to scan (#3). Of course, I dont carry cash or card with me while at work as I only use my free vouchers received from Vitality. Monday was certainly not starting off on the right foot.

I head back to my desk to get my card and decide to rather use a closer coffee station. I wait in the queue. Place my order. My order is rung up and I’m about to insert my card into the machine to pay. Then the cashier asks the gentleman and lady behind me what they will be ordering. And without knowing it she is adding it to my order. Seriously!

The result? I get pushed back in the queue as my order needs to be rung up again (#4).

Finally I get to receive my coffee but this time the barrister points to the coffee standing in front of the lady who was initially behind me in the queue. I reach over for the cup. The lady turns away and acts suspiciously oblivious to what is transpiring. I take a stirrer but noticed something was off, just a little odd. The foam pattern of the cappuccino was ever so slightly out of place. It was as if the cup had been gently knocked and the foam spilt over the one side. I started to stir the coffee. And there it was. A stain. A mark on the cup just under where it looked like the foam had spilt. Lips! The lady had already taken a sip leaving her lips on the cup and she didn’t bother to say so (#5). Seriously!

To my dismay and utter disgust I simply said:

“I’m not drinking this one. There’s a pair of lips on here!”

She turns and sheepishly looks at me nodding her head. I mean even the barrister was shocked. What could be next?

And this was still the start to my Monday morning. Five incidents down. I guess I was in for a rough week?!

I sometimes try not to look into these things and expend unnecessary time and energy trying to figure them out. Maybe there was something in it I had to learn?

  • Keeping my cool? Check.
  • Being a decent human being? Check.
  • Standing up for what I believe? Check.
  • Giving the other person the benefit of the doubt? Check.
  • Resisting the Monday blues? Check.

It could just be the natural turn of events in life, or sometimes I think we get caught in the wake of turmoil left by another restless soul and all we can do is ride the wake.

You are probably wondering whether things improved or not. They did to a point. A few other weird things happened, clearly blowing out the theory of threes!

The last notable happening being on Thursday afternoon, leaving the office for the train station. For some reason my backpack was unzipped (the main compartment and the outer smaller compartment). This was so not like me, but I must have been distracted. I had literally walked half way to the station with everything bouncing around with the possibility of it all falling out. And do you think anyone stopped to let me know? Do you think the colleague leaving the same office with me thought I was dumb enough to leave it all open in today’s day and age of theft and crime? But no one said a word. Not a word. Did I mention not a single word?!

I was dumbfounded. I am dumbfounded. It is friday now and an entire work week has gone by. I have managed to disprove the so called theory of threes! As human beings we seem to be wired to recognise patterns in random data, circumstances or sequences of events, even when there aren’t any patterns. But for me right now, I am simply going to say:

“Bring on the weekend!”

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