An act of obedience

This one statement has remained close to my heart these past few weeks:

There is always someone waiting on the other side of my obedience!

One doesn’t require intellect or even religion to understand this. It really is simple. For example, this blog (‘Perfect Mistake’), is an act of obedience to what I believe I need to do (with an added extra bonus that I actually want to do this). And someone somewhere will be impacted by one of my messages in whatever way. It will be their turning point so to say.

After hearing how others may be waiting upon my obedience to certain actions, I kept thinking about why things happen the way they do. If I think back to recent events, why is it that two lots of friends can up and go to a new country and start a new life and yet another friend declares bankruptcy? Another family makes a decision to leave everything they know and move to Stellenbosch on a church plant. Another recently married couple desparately seek a miracle of work and some hopeful measure of prosperity. Another stares in the dark face of divorce desparately seeking some resolution. And none of this makes sense!

Yet when we obedient to what we believe we’ve been called to, someone somewhere benefits. And that’s what matters. The amazing thing is that we won’t even see it but we will have an impact in one way or another. Isn’t that what life is all about?

On one of my exercise runs this week, I ran past an elderly black lady who on seeing me stretched out her hand to flag me down and begged me to stop running while she crossed the road towards me. I was out of breath and my music drowning out what she was trying to say. After indicating to her that I had headphones on, she paused while I stopped my music. I gave her my full attention as she so desparately presented her story and asked for anything I could give. Of course I would never run with anything of such sorts. After explaining this as best I could through my gasping need for air, she graciously accepted and moved on.

The problem is, I ran home and decided I would make her a sandwich and take it back to her. But I never did. I never followed through on what I decided to do. And the question I now have to ask myself is:

“Did my disobedience in this matter leave her better or worse off?”

I will probably never know but if I do see her again, maybe this time I will follow through. Because even the most simplest acts of obedience can result in beautiful things, even if we dont get to see the results. Its the law of life so to speak. The more you invest in others the more you tend to get back!

2 thoughts on “An act of obedience

  1. Antman

    So true. Thanks for explaining this so well. I definitely need to work on my obedience and promises i make to myself most of all. They don’t happen on their own!


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