Did I say too much?

About to board a plane to PE, my boss and I waited patiently in the queue. Making small talk to pass the awkward silences we so often find ourselves in, we somehow started discussing why I selected the seats I did during the online check-in process. Row 27. Towards the back of the plane. About 3 rows or so behind the actual wings of the plane.

Why? Well, my logic is simply that should we for some reason have to crash land, the pilot would probably try to keep the plane in a landing position. As we so often see in the movies, the wheels would be ripped off followed by the wings, leaving us still strapped in the back compartment of the plane, skidding along the ground. Kind of like having front row 4DX seats, just no longer in virtual reality mode!

While we having a bit of a laugh and really just trying to make light of something that we know does happen in reality and is in no way a joke, a young lady behind us casually throws a comment and says:

“Cleary you are frequent flyers! Thanks for the assurance, it’s my first time!”

Ooops! I immediately threw out an apology and gave her arm a squeeze saying it will be ok. Needless to say it was a good flight with no hiccups. That young lady actually enjoyed the flight, the landing in particular.

So why hold back? Bringing a smile despite the circumstances means so much more!

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