This past week I have literally been man down. Perpetually nauseas and fatigued with many other symptoms coming and going every day. Sick! Argh! Just the sound of that word is an illness in itself that I detest passionately. I would like to think I have managed to tackle and avoid sickness on many occasions before. After all, most of us do keep healthy and exercise. But this time for some reason it got me. Hook, line and floater!

But wait for it…the best part is I planned this! I mean I actually planned the whole thing. I waited for the exact moment when my white blood cells would be off guard. Just as they were about to suit up for a brief body survey, I distributed alerting mixed signals throughout my body, by manipulating my neurotransmitters that would send them all into a flurry of confusion and so land up attacking themselves, convinced they were no longer needed. And then just like that they disappear – missing in action, leaving me prone and vulnerable, exposed to this sick polluted world. I mean it was perfect timing. Right on queue. Just as I was needed elsewhere.

Sarcasm can be one of those irritating traits people have and yes I have it, something you will slowly get to know and recognize the more you read about me. The funny thing though, was this actually founded the basis for an argument my husband and I went through. Ridiculous as it may seem, when one thinks of the logic around this, we fought about the timing of me falling sick!

#what were we thinking

Don’t get me wrong, my husband and I really have one of the most beautiful and amazing relationships…I’m guessing probably one of the best in the world (this is my story so I am allowed to be biased!). But we do argue. And sometimes over timing and very weird and odd things that are so not normal. I guess I need to ask myself: ‘What did I learn from all this?’

Well, not much to say the least but I do know that until you can laugh at how ridiculous you can be at times, despite the most honest and sincere intentions, life will be the most boring feat out! We need to laugh more. We need to laugh more at ourselves! It’s a sign of emotional maturity. So lighten up and give yourself something back. It’s super healthy, free and contagious!

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